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This is the end-user version of TKey.

The FPGA bitstream in TKey's end user version is locked down in memory. This implies that the user cannot modify the firmware or FPGA.

By using TKey verification, a user can confirm that the firmware and unique identification of the TKey have not been altered between the time of manufacture and the moment of delivery. Go here to learn more about TKey verification.

The user must download apps in order to utilize TKey. Apps can be downloaded here, and new protocols are added on a regular basis. Check for all the details.

A total transfer security label is used to seal the package and alert the buyer in the event that it is opened during shipping. View the last image to see what an opened package looks like.

Tech Spec

Case: Injection molded
– Resin: PA12 - Grilamid TR 90
– Color: Transparent, blasted.
PCB material: FR4
Connector: USB-C
Input voltage: 5V
Max current consumption: 100mA
Operating temperature: 0°C- 40°C
Compliance: CE, FCC

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